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Our main goal is to be your FIRST PARTNER in carrying out business or investment activities in Indonesia.

For this reason, PT Mercantile Solusi Indonesia (MERCANTILE) was formed for the main purpose of being your First Partner in carrying out business or investment activities in Indonesia.

As your first Partner, our main assets are the integrity and trust of our Clients which we continue to maintain from time to time without any exception.

We provide a more detailed description of the scope of our services to �Potential Clients�.

Clients who have explained in general the intent and purpose of investing in Indonesia, so we can also provide detailed information related to the Prospective Client's goals to make sure all information we provide is related to the achievement of the Client's goals.

If you are interested, then please contact us to schedule a meeting (online or offline), and we will be happy to help without any consultation fees for the meeting.

As the main goal of our services is to become your "First Partner" in investing in Indonesia, we can help you directly for the scope of services we offer.

And for services that are outside the scope of our business, we will provide the best advice, recommendations and input for you to use, including conducting profiling or research for vendors that will support your business establishment which will help you to make decisions.

We welcome as your discussion partner to determine what line of business you want to invest in Indonesia.

And with data and information about Investments in Indonesia that we have, it will certainly help you gain new insights to clarify and determine your investment goals.

Please contact us if you are interested or need further information.

MERCANTILE is a leading company in this field, We provide is specific solutions for our every Client.

Our business activities are fully supported by a team that has been proven and experienced in their respective fields, starting from the technical survey team, planning, construction and supervision, the IT team, until the legal team who will ensure that your every action is in accordance with the applicable law and regulations.

Therefore, just tell us your business plan and we will help you to make it happen.