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Conduct an analysis related to the feasibility of investing in an area in Indonesia, by conducting a study in the scope of Technical, Legal, Socio-Economic and Government Incentives.


Prepare project-planning starting from the Preparation and Planning stages, Establishment of Business Entities, Licensing, Land Acquisition, Construction Plan, Recruitment, and Operational Support.


Carry out land acquisition for the Client in the context of investment or provide consultation related to the land acquisition process. This service can be carried out with various schemes and procedures, according to the actual land situation and needs of the Client.


Controlling and supervising project implementation in order to represent the interests of the project owner, starting from the preparation until the completion of project in accordance with the deliverables agreed between the contractor and the project owner.


We have market place for “Green Products” and provide vendor verification and product certification services to determine the level of fulfillment of the environmentally friendly category for these products, including wholesale and supply for green products.


To support each stage of the Client's investment, we provide services in the fields of legal, licensing and compliance services. This is our commitment as your First Partner to be able to provide a comprehensive solution for your initial investment needs.

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Why You Need

Our Services

Investors, when they have the desire to invest, generally have taken into account the business side and the benefits, but this will be hampered if technical and legal aspects are not taken into account. This technical and legal aspect will answer some of the main questions:

  • Is it ok or not?
  • Is it possible or not?
  • Is it risky or not?
  • Is it true or not?
  • Is it recognized / justified or not?
  • And the most important thing is “what is the right way”?

The feasibility study can answer the questions above.
Even more than that, it becomes the radar for every step and stage of investment.

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Your Questions

For Business: For Business inquiry fill our feedback form below or email

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We provide a more detailed description of the scope of our services to “Potential Clients”, namely the Clients who have explained in general the intent and purpose of investing in Indonesia, so we can also provide detailed information related to the Prospective Client's goals to make sure all information we provide is related to the achievement of the Client's goals. If you are interested, then please contact us to schedule a meeting (online or offline), and we will be happy to help without any consultation fees for the meeting.

Of course. As the main goal of our services is to become your "First Partner" in investing in Indonesia, we can help you directly for the scope of services we offer. And for services that are outside the scope of our business, we will provide the best advice, recommendations and input for you to use, including conducting profiling or research for vendors that will support your business establishment which will help you to make decisions.

We welcome as your discussion partner to determine what line of business you want to invest in Indonesia. And with data and information about Investments in Indonesia that we have, it will certainly help you gain new insights to clarify and determine your investment goals. Please contact us if you are interested or need further information.

The fees for the services we offer will depend on many factors including the level of risk of your investment plan, so the specific value is the result of a mutual agreement. And we understand that this value will not affect the ability of the Client's initial investment from a financial perspective.

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